Saturday, March 24, 2012


Since I happen to be a big opera fanatic, I thought I'd start this blog & feature reviews of the most recent opera videos I've watched, as well as the many opera CDs I have in my collection.

All reviews will, of course, simply be my own personal opinions, based on nearly 60 years of being devoted to opera-listening.

Like most other opera fans, I do have my favorite operas, favorite singers, favorite versions of certain operas, etc.

And I, unfortunately, don't particularly care for any pre-Mozart operas, so if you're into Handel, Monteverdi, and the like, you won't find much of interest here.

I'll try to include reviews of performances from different past decades, and there will be quite a few reviews of some rarely heard operas, many of which I'd rather listen to/watch, instead of yet another so-so "La Traviata" (for instance).

So, I hope you stop by & check it out.

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Stay tuned. . .

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